Happylands is in Hertfordshire and is owned by the Belson family.  We bought it in 2002 as a home for our 3 horses and the property came with a mixed flock of laying hens which we've since expanded. Our horses are Cracker, Donny and Simba and we enjoy riding out in the countryside whenever we get the time. We have a lovely 10 acre hay meadow which we use to grow hay for our horses.  The field is full of beautiful wildflowers and butterflies.  We also have our own honey produced on site and organic vegetables

Hay for sale  

Both 2019 and 2020 available

The Hens


We have about 50 hens, mostly White Leghorns which are the ones that lay the white eggs.  We also have some Rhode Island Red hens which are mostly the result of school hatching projects.  They lay large traditional brown eggs.  The brown hens tend to be more friendly than the white hybrid types.  The Leghorns are good layers and at their peak will lay 6 eggs a week!  As they get older they lay less but their eggs are larger.  Commercial flocks are "recycled" every year or so but as we hang on to our girls we get bigger eggs!







Rent our field for your event in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside

Just 40 minutes from north west London