Following a devastating raid by a deadly combination of a badger and a fox we had to pause our egg production.  Covid 19 meant that hens became in very short supply and I simply could not get replacements.  We've bought super strong electric fencing that is apparently wolf proof!  New hens are on order so I hope to be up and running by the autumn again.  If you would like to order eggs, do get in touch as I can buy extra hens to ensure I have eggs for you. Yes, you literally get your own personal hens!

Our hay has just been cut - not a good yield this year as it was such a dry and hot April. This autumn we will work to improve fertility the natural way by using our horse manure.

Now Covid 19 restrictions are being lifted a little, I hope to start seeing friends and family at Happylands too.  We were able to use the opportunity that lockdown afforded to spend a little more time at Happylands to get a lot of overdue jobs done.

We're very excited to be hosting Bnei Akiva UK later this year and are planning lots of exciting activites including, blacksmithing, whittling, working with the hens, helping with the veg garden, blackberry picking, wildlife rambles and of course ending the day with a campfire.  For more details see the Bnei Akiva website

Pastured eggs

Pastured eggs seem to be being mentioned at lot these days - particularly on The Archers, but just what are pastured eggs and what makes them different to standard free range eggs?  Well, free range hens are hens that have access to outside but that doesn't necessarily mean they have exactly roamed freely - some producer abuse this term and label their eggs as "free range" when in fact all they've done is open a door to allow their chickens to range in an outdoor area of bare dirt or concrete!  Pastured eggs is a free range system that refers to chickens being allowed to range freely outdoors where they can eat whatever grass, weed seeds, insects and worms they choose.  This results in more nutritious eggs and more healthy humane conditions for the birds.   


Our birds have freedom to range and forage whereever they like.  We try and keep them in their paddock to protect them from preditors but they do tend to scoot under the tencing and do their own thing! At night we do keep them inside to keep them safe from Mr Fox.

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